Preparation for halitosis examination

Before 3-4 hours
Be fast. Freely drink water. Dont brush your teeth. Bring all medical records you made before (if any), such as blood, urine, teste or xrays. Do not use perfum, shaving lotion, deodorants, shampoo. Dont smoke, rinse, drink cola.

Nefore 1 day :
Dont eat odorus foods. Dont eat very much volume of foods. Dont dye your hairs

No need come to me if:

  • If your halitosis is shorter than 2 months then dont come to me.

  • If you dont feel your halitosis yourself and if your close friends or social environments dont feel your halitosis by asking them then dont come to me. Psychological halitosis

  • If you feel bad odor when you put your finger somewhere inside your mouth or throat or gingiva then, if you try to cure this odor then never come to me. This is normal

  • If you or your friend feel bad odor only when kissing, or if you feel bad odor only when awaking then dont come to me. These are normal.

  • If you often use alcohol (drink every day over 90 gr/day) then dont come to me please.

  • Pregnants or ladies having menstruel cycle can come after turn to normal life. Usually heavy halitosis exists within pregnancy.

    Check these questions before examination:

  • Lay down on the bed for 15 minutes. Does your halitosis disappear?

  • Make sport or heavy physical exercise. Does your halitosis disappear?

  • Drink one glass milk. Do you feel problem with your stomach?

  • Do you feel eye burning or itching while halitosis exists.

  • Do you feel halitosis when your mouth is closed?

  • How many different bad odor do you distinguish?

  • Is there any thing that prevents your halitosis?

  • Take a ice piece in your mouth. Does your halitosis disappear?

  • Is there any one in your family who suffers from halitosis or body odor?

    Contact info - travel information

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  • Exact location of the clinic:

  • Tel -email-web: 322 4536262

  • I work until noon every day.

  • This taxi driver welcomes visitors from airport and brings to the clinic. His cell phone: 532 7742907

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  • Important

    Dr. Murat Aydın 1) No gurantee to curing halitosis
    2) To find correct and exact place of the halitosis is possible by using very specific gas-measurement methods. 

    Halitosis examination

  • It takes about 1-2 hours.

  • Your medical records are secure. You will be alone during examination. Neither nurse nor medical personal will be present.

  • Gas measurement will be implemented with using these devices.

  • The person will have a gas measurement report like this: Report. The report will be submitted to relevant doctor by the patient. .

  • The price is 432 Turkish Lira. Including taxes. No hidden charge. Credit card is not acceptable.

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